How do you like your Teh?

Oh my God.  I have continuously gushed and raved about this since last Friday.  My calligraphy is on a shirt.  On a Uniqlo shirt!!! Patty Paperie_Uniqlo Street Tales   I am still grinning about it every time it passes my mind haha.  I just couldn’t believe it. I got this very short email from the people at Dentsu, asking me if I want to do a collaboration.  I didn’t have any idea of what it was, but I said yes.  And when they explained the details to me, I was kinda overwhelmed and scared, and felt like I was going over my head.  But above all, I was excited.  Super excited, actually.  I mean, who wouldn’t be?  It’s a chance to have your work showcased by one of the most popular fast fashion brands.  Again, who wouldn’t be? This is not the most consistent calligraphic, nor the best digitized, work.  But I am so glad that they thought it’s good enough to be included in the pack.  Gaaah!!  For Uniqlo!!! ‘How do you like your Teh?’  It sounded funny at first, being based on the usual English saying “How do you like your tea?” (makes me feel as if I’m in London, having tea ha!).  But I needed to make it sound Singaporean-ish.  So, Teh it is!  Besides, that’s my drink of choice here anyway. Anyway, this shirt and 49 other designs are available for printing and purchase at the Bugis+ mall.  You can visit the Uniqlo Street Tales site to view the other designs or just learn more about each one of them.  You can also download the UTme app and upload or create a design yourself.  Isn’t that awesome?  Go go go!!! Another feel-good plus point, all proceeds will go to the Community Chest charity :)



That’s how I would describe it to see my calligraphy being used and appreciated by people whom I really don’t know.

And also, to describe this gorgeous photo.

Patty Paperie_Wedding Vows for LorraineandWeeSoon

It was my first time to write wedding vows, and while it scared me to the core, I’m glad I was able to pull through.  I can’t believe they used it for a pre-wedding photo shoot!  Gah!

The photo was taken by Joshua Sim of The Beautiful Moment Photography.

I want to do more weddings! :)

Back to the Basics

Two weeks of no practice surely made me rusty.  My fingers awkwardly held my holders, especially my teal wand from Heebs, (I’ve made it my mission to use only that holder for practice; its ergonomic structure helps with lessening the grip and lightening the touch) and my writing was full of blobs, wonky strokes and inconsistent ovals and curves.  In short, it was horrible.  I needed to practice.  It was time to get my butt off the bed.

Coincidentally, I’ve also decided NOT to buy any new stuff, whether for art or calligraphy.  I want to use up all of my papers and notebooks and inks and nibs first.  De-cluttering has never been my expertise; so I figured, instead of just throwing them away, I’ll just spend the time using all of them as I practice.  It’s a win-win, although a loooong process.

So here I am.  Back to the basics.

Practice Practice Practice

I finally got the courage to mess up Maybelle Imasa‘s practice book.  I took her class early last year, and that was one of the things that triggered me to really learn calligraphy.  The practice book was part of her kit.  It looked so clean and pretty, along with the rest of the kit, and I didn’t want to mess it up.  But I had to.  Being on de-cluttering mode means I have to use, and yes mess up, all of my pristine, pretty notebooks and pads.  (I have serious issues, I know.)

It feels good to practice again.  Practice sessions for me are meditative.  These are the times when I catch myself not breathing again because I feel like my brain and eyes go along with my strokes (and I make long, slow strokes).  These are the times when I find myself watching how the ink rests or bleeds or feathers on the paper.  It’s like I’m an outsider looking at myself, who then watches my hand write and make those strokes.   Weird, I know.

Anyway, I just finished the letter P.  A few more days and I’m done with the alphabet.  Woohoo!