Patty Paperie

Hi, I’m Pat. Welcome to my calligraphy and crafting wasteland!

I’ve always had a thing for paper. I love collecting them, writing on them, cutting them up, sticking them onto other things. There is always something beautiful about paper that makes my mind run wild and think of things to do or write — regardless if it is a blank notebook, an ephemera or a torn scrap. I used to keep a lot of these, and make some sort of scrapbook-ish type of projects or other paper craft.

But everything just levelled up when I discovered calligraphy. It is a game-changer for me. It is like re-learning your ABCs, but with so much flair this time. The faint, scratching sound the nib makes against the paper makes me catch my breath. The earthy smell of a newly-opened sumi ink alerts and calms my nerves at the same time. The pull and flow of ink on paper as it forms my words is a visual treat for my eyes. The feel of the dry ink forming my words is a delight, and makes my fingers swoon. Yes, calligraphy has made my senses see and smell and feel so much more.

Calligraphy is a life-long learning process. There is always something new to discover, and more to learn. And I think I’ve just become its willing student.